Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vaguely Obfuscated

Assuming for a moment that the arrow of time was somehow reversed, it would be possible for us to ‘remember’ the future, and predict the past. Although a fairly ambiguous phenomenon, if achieved, it would magnify the infinistic probability that a perpetual motion machine be created, for, by applying the above principle, it could easily be proved that force is just a hypothetical form of light, which has nearly infinite existence, rendering it easy to create a backward flow of energy from the system, into the surrounding, causing a chain reaction that would negate all theories of the four laws of thermodynamics, possibly increasing the curvature of space-time by about 0.0637 %. This could have many major impacts on how we perceive things in this era.

Consequently, people around the world will be astounded to realize that it would be possible- contrary to current belief, that has stood the test of time for eons- to create robots with self-developing A.I. , assimilating and compiling data from across the globe via smaller ‘friend’ circles among other similar robots, creating extremely useful bots in the near future. Another impact of the above observation would be the reversal of all stock market trading strategies, for investors would already know the stock prices of the past, which would, under this context, translate to the future, leading to heavy loss for companies, resulting in a major stock slump.

Unfortunately, a larger problem lies ahead, for sources have confirmed that unfair advantage could easily be taken of the afore mentioned fact, in the form of what experts call the Extractor Beam. It combines the features of Einstein’s special theory of Relativity, with the added dimension of Newtonian mathematics, culminating in the creation of a beam that can be used to extract information from the gray matter of brain cells of innocent civilians, and using the generated raw power to create a power surge, in turn causing the wipe-out of all data from the Internet, using advanced Quincunx technology, that helps focus energy to achieve amplifications of up to five times the input energy.

This has greatly hampered further progress. It is for the prevention of the precipitation such a scenario that the research work of all data in this field has been suspended indefinitely, until a safer alternative is hit upon. Until then, we can safely be oblivious of such revolutionary technology.

The above article is an excerpt from the research papers ‘Die A Technical Deth’, purely the work of Frost Byte, with inputs from Stephen Hawking, protected by copyright (B-8074-067). Any illegal copies made of the above material is punishable by applicable law

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