Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mission: Nanozilla™ - Part Three

I met Lucy on my way out. She smiled that beautiful smile that cleared all my worries for the next few hours. She was a new recruit. This was her first mission. She seemed nervous at first, but heck, she was a girl-it was understandable. But despite that fact, having made to the team was definitely a commendable feat. She was in the Chemical Warfare Department. She told me that Luke was in search of the stolen money. She had disabled all of Hacker’s minions in the building with our proprietary SLoW gas- short for Sleeping, Laughing and Weeping gas (perhaps their next component would be NOS and then they would call it… let me guess- SLoW NOSe).

But Hacker had a separate chamber. He was unaffected by the gas and was taking a nap. That hog. Now was the time to get him. I gave Lucy my stun gun and lowered her into his chamber using a rope. But I was jolted by a sudden loud noise- the security alarm. Luke probably dropped the stylus of the PDA- my PDA, triggering off the alarm. What a klutz. We had to wrap up our work soon. Hacker woke up, much to the surprise of poor Lucy. He tried to release the naobots, but I had initiated the self-destruct sequence. We did not have much time left. I had to react fast. I triggered an explosion at the power generator using my Grenade Launcher, switched on my night-vision goggles, and in the darkness, glided downwards to where Lucy was and knocked Hacker out with my Micro Uzi. That was certainly going to leave a dent on it. I checked on the others. Luke had the money with him now. Rudolf had our aircraft ready. We took our fugitive in and we moved out of the place- not a moment too soon- the shards of the Prism flew skywards the instant we took off the land. The nanobots were blown to smithereens. We called the cops- Hacker was arrested. We were given the next week off.

As for Lucy, she appeared to be quite impressed, for there were feet flailing and tongues rolling for the rest of the night.

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