Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mission: Nanozilla™ - Part One

There was a gunshot. All eyes turned to that direction. He wanted money, and did not mind killing off a few useless people to achieve his goal… just to lighten up the mood a little. He had ‘obtained’ the blueprints for one of the most anticipated advancements in the field of science and technology- nanites. Nanites, or nanobots, as they are commonly known, are robots of the height of one billionth of a metre. Pretty cute, but deadly in the wrong hands. Being virtually invisible, they could be used to perform tasks with little or no detectability. Apparently his motive was to… yeah, yeah… take over the world. Terrorism still is the quickest way to mint money. At least that’s what our friend James ‘Hacker’ thought.

So he took hostage at the Glass Sphere- the prime location for the rich and affluent ‘enthusiasts’ who… took time off their busy schedules to be there, just for the heck of it. The entire process was pretty much routine and textbook-style- he barged in, took hostage, threatened to kill, and gained instant fame as the world watched live what his demands were on television. He wanted (for some reason) two billion dollars. As the police negotiations failed, the Centre had no option but to hand over the money. In minutes, a large briefcase with crisp notes was brought in, and Hacker had it counted by his sidekick Jude. As he was about to leave, I attached a transceiver chip onto the money. My job was done… for now.
to be continued


  1. Damn interesting...ur articles are too techy the way did u write this for the lang paper this time (u said u would post that one on ur blog) ...and care to explain who u consider as useless people??????????????

  2. the techy bit is something i'm striving to achieve to a large extent...
    and this is about 40% of the original...
    and the 'useless' people was from his perspective, not mine!