Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just Do It

Its way to redundant now.

Planning to do this or planning to complete that, and then delving into the illusion of failure on being unable to complete what you had thought would work out just fine. And then, the ray of hope that it isn't too late, the next day is just as good to start what you had aimed to do, only one day is lost. Its not like your life depended on those meagre 24 hours. And repeating the whole process all over again.

The secret to success is simple. When you decide to do something, instead of all the planning and hoping and cribbing and regret... just do it. Don't rely on the future to help you out. The time you have right now... utilize it. You may regret not having done more than what you have done, but something is better than nothing. The moment you decide to do something, sit and work, forgetting about the outcome or benefits, but living as if your life depended on it. But in any scenario, don't give up. Your delayed action may cost you, but it will be a million times more worthwhile than just giving up on it altogether in disappointment.