Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mission: Nanozilla™ - Part Two

It may require some explanation as to why I had a transceiver chip in the first place, and secondly, why I would risk getting killed mercilessly. The reason is that I am Chris, SDD (Sophisticated Device Development) Branch of the Intelligence Department of Erasier(don’t ask). We are a team dedicated to terror prevention, and we like to make the world a better place… nah, it’s just for the cash, that’s just our motto (I still think “We put the ‘D’ in Duh” would have been better). I did not like to have my devices handled by others, so I did the work personally. We had to maintain a low profile among civilians (which is like impossible when there are lots of babes around), we moved out in our private helicopter. I checked my laptop, and the tracker pointed eastwards, apparently he was making his way to the Prism- a natural structure made of gigantic ice shards.

We entered the place and asked Rudolf to monitor the entrance and also warn us of any other possible threats. He had a pair of the most amazing eyes, earning him the place of Forensic Inspector. Hacker’s hideout was and amazing piece of architecture, but I hadn’t much time to ponder upon that thought further. The place was intricately developed, and we had to split up to improve our chances of success. I handed Luke my PDA, disinclined, but knew that it would only help precipitate our scouting. I still had my trusty coder watch- that was all I required. I located a vent and went in (pun unintended), knowing that I was the only one small enough to fit in. The chamber predictably led me to the nanite storage chamber. I flipped open my watch. It took my programming knowledge about twenty seconds to bring the nanobots under my control, and I also disabled all the security cameras. I now had to check on the progress of my teammates.
to be continued

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