Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Last Lap : Episode Two +

At the Gamma Head-Quarters, Josh miraculously located the mangled remains of Smith's car on his laptop. He ordered it online, and in we got to work. Josh worked on the car for about forty minutes, but in vain. Outside, Jessica and I were discussing key points of the case. She suddenly paused for a while. I felt her hands hold mine. She looked into my eyes and drew nearer to k-

"Holy Saints! Karbon, come in! ", Josh exclaimed.
"What is it? Did you find something big? "
"Then why the hell did you call me ?? "
"I found something small.... real small. ", he said, and pointed at the drivers headrest.

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a rail gun, about the size of an ant. I took it to my lab hastily for further investigation. It was a dual-sided electromagnetic rail gun, known in the industry as DER gun. It could fire two shots at once, at the speed of a hundred kilometers a second, using particle accelerator technology. But it was a nano DER gun. I checked the car for more insight. In minutes, I realised that this device was the brain-chlid of a genius, an evil genius, of course, but a genius nonetheless. On particle was fired at Smith's neck, and the other, at the brake fluid system. So that Smith was disabled, and his car veered off course, and it had to seem like an accident. But it was murder, and I wanted to locate him. I went to Jessica's house, where she analysed the gun. Using DNA analysis, in minutes, she identified the killer as Rocky, Smith's team-mate. He was jealous of Smith's success and wanted revenge. I wanted to report to Alfred, but-

"Not now", she said, "we have unfinished business". And she bolted the bedroom door from within.

to be continued


  1. Woah dude...I would have given your essay 29/30 fact 30...and mine some 10...
    Killer da...freaking...I swear...awesome...fantastic...I really really can't wait to read

    (hehe...that too you have left it in some damn good part)

    I am more expectant to read your blog than watch OC

  2. thanks a lot da.( i did not write the same stuff in the essay, of course)but the OC complement is really, really big man.. thanks a lot

  3. Man...u shud have written the same stuff...anyway...hehe

  4. i have put up the older episode 3 for you to read(post a comment when you read it so i can remove it.. it doesnt do justice to parts one and two). for the newer one, you may need to wait upto a week