Sunday, December 24, 2006


I walked past the cars,
With hands in my pocket,
For it was cold that night,
Contemplating on memories I would rather forget,
But without which my life would be incomplete.

And then our eyes met.
She blushed,
I smiled,
But no words were spoken,
It was like instant bliss,
I thought I could stand there forever.

But she turned around,
And resumed talking and giggling with her friends,
She went her way,
And I went mine.

Niether a word was said, nor heard,
But we understood thousands,
Silence spoke for itself,
Life moved on as usual.


  1. ok.... so i may not be great at poetry... but i think i've conveyed my message

  2. There are two levels to take what you have is the superficial and the other is the impliacation.
    Trust me, once you have been through a's hardly worth it, the time and the energy and what not!
    Girls are bogus!

  3. And btw...I have written one of the shadiest, saddest stories on my blog...check if and when u have time

  4. I know exactly what you mean. But you may be partially incorrect. The kind of person that can fill that 'void' in your life( you know well what I mean), she is the one I am refering to.

  5. Sweet!

    And yeah, girls are bogus! Phbbt!