Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Cut Above The Rest

One of the more frustrating events in the life of a male is the dreaded haircut. In the hands of the barber lie the fate of your helpless hair. Grown with utmost care and nurtured for weeks, with the most expensive hair care products and with nothing less than genuine,true love... but shredded mercilessly in minutes- using power saws and giant cleavers and what not. The end result? Levelled plains... Scorched deserts... and Barrens. So you thought we have options like the Tom Cruise look or even the David Beckham look or the (foolish) MS Dhoni look... but what do we get? The moron look, the retarded look and the lobotomy patient look. Makes it almost a burden to have hair.

*Snip*, *snip*, *snip* ... and voila! Your new 'look' is ready... which you must live with for what seems like years, and the day they seem to have grown back.... you are forced to have another haircut. In the interim, he decides whether your hair ends up looking like its been taken out by a weed eater, or mowed down by a lawn mower, or grazed upon by cattle with broken teeth.

And what's worse - I have to pay him for it, too.

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