Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Yesterday I read something that made me think differently :
" A man who fails well is better than a man who succeeds badly "

...often we stop realising what our ultimate aim is. What our goals in life are. Everyone strives for success. Everyone wants to top in his exams..why? Everyone wants a promotion.. why? Everyone wants more money, and I ask you the same question again.. WHY ? Does that give you something ? If it does, good for you. But most of us will not have an answer to any of the above questions (even I don't) . So think for a while what you current short-term goal is... and then ask yourself "Why am I pursuing it ?" If you can answer yourself in a few seconds... do accomplish your goal. If you can't, stop for a while, and find out what the answer is. If you still can't, then you should reconsider the task at hand. If you can, only then you will truly strive to achieve it.


  1. If you come first in BASE won't you feel happy ? Why? If you get 2000 Rs instead of Rs. 1000; wont you feel happy ? Why? If u r the chief executive officer instead of a programmer (and I am not referring to's just general)...won't you be happy ? WHY???
    And u ask what the ultimate goal is? I am surprised (wink wink)
    Life is but a series of happy and sad moments....happiness is but the interim of 2 sorrows!

  2. i totally agree.. like i said

    "... most of us will not have an answer to any of the above questions (even I don't)..."

    thats the problem i'm trying to bring out in the first place ( and i dont have the solution to it)