Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 : Looking Back

Three hundred and sixty five days - gone. Many of us may be disappointed at not having accomplished this or not having completed that, but very few would actually be satisfied with what they have achieved over the past year. Try it yourself. But actually, it just depends on your outlook. If you strive hard to recall what you have achieved (pessimistically), you may find none, but if you simply wade through the past year, you will realise that it was not so bad after all, in fact, it was just as bad as any other year. (I am being as positive as possible). You can still continue to pursue your goals in the next year... its not like a whole chunk of your available time has gone forever. (Okay, it has, but we're trying to be positive here).

Anyway, this year brought with it many oppurtunities of enjoying time, and the usual joy and sorrow, but above all, this year was the most different of all. Look at it this way... today and tomorrow are both like any other day, and don't put a label of 'Last Day of the Year' or anything. The resolutions may be made or broken, it doesn't matter. Just move ahead, and enjoy life as usual... while you still can.
(To understand better what I wanted to say, read 'Looking Ahead' by Golden Glaciers here)

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