Friday, December 29, 2006


As we grow, we learn to adapt to our surroundings, we learn to behave in ways that others feel appropriate. In fact, a person is completely defined by his environment. The circumstances he/she lives in has complete control over the shape of the future. If I grow up with friends who like a particular genre of music, I will develop a liking for the same kind of music. If I spend time with a person who dislikes music (its hard to see why, but anyway) I will begin to show dislike for the same. You have virtually no control over your life, unless you decide to stay away from your friends, and become more of an introvert.

But no matter what path you take, what attitude you have, how fun-loving you are, and how strong you are in mind and body, it all boils down to this- you are a human being. Great realization dawneth upon us... you may think, but actually, it is hard to see that everyone around you is a human being, just like you. Every person around you has the same feelings of joy, sorrow, embarrassment, the same hunger for care, for a comforting arm, for support, the same crave for music, for entertainment. The person next to you is, in fact, exactly the same as you.

And the moment you realise this, your relationship with that person takes a whole new level.


  1. please elaborate

    (although i agree with you partially... this is more or less how my life has been)