Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Last Lap : Episode Three (Original)

I felt much refreshed this morning. Our team contacted TNR manager Robert. He gave us permission to see the garage. The team had asked S.W.A.T. chief Argon for backup. We looked for Rocky, but apparently somebody tipped him off. He ran away, the coward. But that was not exactly a problem. All race drivers had to have a skin cell transmuted to a GPS chip. I called my old friend, Blake, head at Covert Ops, Interpol. He was more than happy to help track him down. We corresponded with him via radio, and he traced him to a London suburb. We moved into our chopper, and cruised to London in minutes.


We located Rocky's car. An RL Xtreme - 2835 cc , 499 kgm , 189 bhp @ 7000 rpm. It meant that the chase would be fun. We had three cars in all, and were hot at his trail. The fool had nowhere to go. He turned left , then right, then left again, but so did we. This was obviously not going to be able to save him. He moved off the freeway to Parker Street. I had a hunch that he would take a diversion towards the harbour. I asked the other two cars to cover the exits, and I followed him, at 280 km/h. Sweet. And then, he moved towards the dock. It was a routine job now- Code eight-six. The three of us blocked all his paths, and flashed high beam in synchronization. He was blinded and surprised simultaneously, rammed into a pavement, and his car stalled. It was off to the clink for him.

As for me... it was like any other week at the office.

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