Friday, March 2, 2007

Temple of Xengil: Chapter One

The Orb of Darkness

Xengil- a land of peace and harmony, built single-handedly by Lord Glynser. He had two sons, Ginskaur and Gliknaur. On his death bed, he passed down the throne to his younger son, Gliknaur, and also appointed him guardian of the Temple, the place where the mysterious casket was kept, and was asked to defend it well.Ginskaur was given command of the army. He was unhappy, for he was the older brother. He sought revenge. Things were calm for a while, but probably not for long…

“An army approaches, Sire. They are at the adjoining city of Gloyt”, the minister said.
“And who is their leader, Craitt?”
“I’m afraid it’s your brother Ginskaur”
A silence followed.
“The soothsayer was right… Those that form a part of thee, shall be the ones to part”, I sighed, “We must protect the casket at all costs. Ask the general to prepare for battle. We must defend the temple”.

Some of our warriors still remained loyal. Craitt reached the general’s quarters.

“General Fransic, Lord Gliknaur has ordered that the army be prepared for battle”
“Why? Did Ginskaur--??”
“Yes”, he said coldly.

So the army was prepared and stationed at the temple. Hundreds of archers to secure the towers, and thousands of other infantry were ready to take on the enemy. Ginskaur was approaching. He was here to take the casket, and was not going back empty handed. A long battle ensued. He used large battering rams, and catapults to take down the walls. Our archers used their advantage of range to neutralize them, but he would not hold back. Our arrows were fast depleting in number, but they were very effective- we cut through their shields and pierced through their armor, while being well defended by the walls. Both of us were technologically level, and neither had the upper-hand in terms of numbers. He bore through the walls, and our Swordsmen took down as many as they could, with some help from the towers and knights. Our knights were quickly killed by his spears- something we did not have in our arsenal. Many of our swordsmen were lost in battle. Then Fransic had an idea. He set all arrows ablaze, and we fired burning arrows. It helped to some extent, but even with General Fransic’s best efforts, our army was dwindling. We had no option but to flee. The battle was lost.

Ginskaur made his way into the temple. He rotated the dials carefully, and entered the chamber that opened. We saw him approach the casket with malice. He opened it to find the most amazing sphere ever made. The Orb of Darkness was finally Ginskaur’s. He lifted it with joy, and could feel the power surging through his veins already. He was all powerful now. There was no hope for mankind anymore…

to be continued


  1. Very amusing how you can come up with gliky names. Waiting to read the continuation...

  2. I was amazed too...!

    I would have posted the continuation earlier, but I wanted the suspense to be present, and so waited for you to read it.