Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Temple of Xengil: Chapter Two

The Undead Horde

Ginskaur had the power of the Orb now. It slowly transformed his mind and body. He began to think evil, and started growing into a heartless beast. He used the Orb to raise the dead. Zombies, Ghouls, Skeletons, Banshees- all at his command. A large army of the Undead, set out to destroy life at Xengil. Spreading death and destruction, the horde and their leader, Ginskaur, who now called himself Wrrjht, were heading towards Leon- the home of the dragon Krayl, a mythical beast that was undoubtedly the most powerful monster on our planet. When coupled with the power of the Orb, Wrrjht could become undefeatable. The only way to rouse the beast was to used the horn of Yeijig, placed safely in the hands of Lord Fyyr, ruler of Yeijig.

Wrrjht’s marched towards Yeijig. He killed anyone who came in his way, asking his minions to do his bidding, not having to dirty his hands. He spread darkness along his path. Some innocent dwellers were converted to the Undead, and Wrrjht’s force became larger still.

I watched helplessly as the townsfolk writhed in pain as the life was sucked out of them before my very eyes. We headed to Naindil, home of the wise sage Dristi, to ask for help. We had no army, and had to find a way to control the might of Wrrjht. The path was a long and time-consuming one, but we had no choice. I went with a handful of my soldiers who managed to survive. By the time we reached the place, Wrrjht had reached Yeijig. A mighty battle was fought. The soldiers had to muster a lot of courage to face monsters like that, who could suck the life out of them in seconds. Thousands were killed, but there was no stopping him. Lord Fyyr was killed in battle. Wrrjht obtained the horn of Yeijig. It seemed like there was no stopping him now. Perhaps no mortal could face his army of the dead.

But there was hope.

“In the caves of Sipov, there lies a crossbow yet unfound. Legend has it that it is the only weapon that can be used to counter the dead. If you are able to locate it, you may stand a chance.”, the wise Dristi said.

“Then we must set forth immediately, Sire”, said Francis.
“Yes, as quickly as we can”, said I.

And we ventured towards Sipov in search of hope, for the fate of mankind depended on it. But we did not have much time…

to be continued

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