Monday, November 27, 2006

Evolve +

When you enter this world, you know absolutely nothing that you should not, and nothing less than what you need to know. Your parents are your primary beacons of light (this term just does not do justice to them), your strongest foundation in this world. You choose to follow what they say till you can go to school. That's where you meet your secondary beacons, teachers. Teachers have a lot of impact on our lives, though we may not realise presently. You can proceed with what they say, or what your friends do. Both paths could either eventually converge, or not. But it is those that carve their own paths that we should aim to become. If you don't, all is not lost. True, you do come across ups and downs, but those are temporary, the bigger picture is that you are learning as you grow. Often we regret being alive, but we should realise that only through such sates of depression and agony do we appreciate our otherwise ordinary past. Or at least incubate new ideas for the future. We need to look for support from friends and family. Sometimes we need to sink in deep thought and reflect upon loneliness as well... it is part of life.( I could explain in terms of maxima and minima... frankly, I'd rather not !)

But there is a time in everyone's life that you realise that you have matured enough to take your own decisions ( either that, or you know that there is no other option, this path is actually better). I call that stage as evolving ...... from an ignorant fool to the most intelligent person you can think of. It is when this happens that you actually agree that you can't ask for anything more in life....


  1. Nice...a bit abstract in the beginning though...but amazing...would have loved to read it in terms of maxima and minima!!

  2. thanks a lot

    what is meant by msaxima/ minima was that b/w 2 maxima, there is a minima, and analogously, b/w 2 periods of happiness is one of despair